Top 6 Essentials For Your Home Gym

So you want to build a home gym? Having a place to train in your home is an amazing thing, because it really helps to maximise your time and limits excuses not to train! If you only have about an hour to spare during the day to work out, driving to and from the gym can be a waste of valuable time. Late nights, holidays, terrible weather conditions – no matter what the situation is, your home gym will always be ready and waiting for you to train hard!

You need to choose your equipment carefully, because both square footage and funds are usually hard to come by when building a home gym. Your goal should be to purchase only the cheapest and most versatile equipment available. No fancy pulley systems or calf isolation machines here; just simple, tried-and-true equipment that is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life for the lowest price possible.

Power Rack

A power rack is a very important piece of equipment because it allows you to do a variety of compound exercises, such as bench pressing, squatting and military pressing, with the added feature of safety bars to ensure that you have a backup plan in case a lift goes wrong. Since you will most likely be doing a lot of solo training without a spotter around, this is very important.

Power Rack

Barbell + Weights

You’ll need a barbell and some weights to perform all of the big compound exercises and make full use of your power rack. Pick it up off the ground, press it overhead, curl it – there’s almost nothing you can’t do with this simple yet highly effective training tool!


Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench is important, especially for chest and shoulder training. It will allow you to perform various pressing exercises safely, such as bench pressing with either dumbbells or a barbell, chest flies and seated shoulder presses. Just make sure to get a bench that can be adjusted from a horizontal position all the way down and up to 90 degrees for versatility.


Adjustable Dumbbells + Weights

Fancy dumbbells can get very expensive. Most people simply cannot afford to buy fixed-weight dumbbells in sufficient increments to support a versatile dumbbell training program. You are much better off buying adjustable dumbbell handles and various weights so that you can easily adjust the weight to better suit your current exercise and strength level.


Pull-up bar

A pull-up bar, whether commercial or homemade, is a critical tool for your physical development at a very low price point. Being able to hold your own weight while hanging from the bar and moving your body through space will help to build strength and size quickly. The pull-up bar gives you access to a variety of pull-up variations as well as some excellent abdominal training exercises. If moving your bodyweight has become too easy, simply add some weight with a weight belt to increase the load to challenge yourself.

Pullup Bar

Gymnastics Rings

A very inexpensive set of gymnastics rings can be easily hooked up to your pull-up bar to give to you access to even more bodyweight exercises that will have you looking ripped and strong like a gymnast in no time. Dips, inverted rows and muscle-ups are just a few of the great exercises that can be accomplished on the original suspension trainer!

Gymnastic Rings

Instead of buying new, top-of-the line equipment, try to save money by buying used equipment from online classified ads in your area. Remember, you are not trying to attract a high-class clientele here; iron is iron, and it will weigh the same no matter how pretty or shiny it looks. Keep it simple and train hard – with a gym right in your very own home, you have no excuse not to!

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